Welcome to Clayton Township

Arenac County, Michigan

Clayton Township Hall
1057 Dobler Road
Sterling, MI 48659


Township Regular Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month @ 7:00pm
Zoning Monthly Meetings: 1st Monday of the month @ 6:30pm


Raymond Daniels      Supervisor      989-654-2162
Ronald Klamerus Clerk 989-654-2257
William Daniels Deputy Clerk 989-654-2675
Shirley Burtch Treasurer 989-654-2675
Patty Fogarasi Deputy Treasurer 989-654-3225
Byron Fogarasi Trustee 989-654-3225
Victor Daniels Trustee 989-654-2425
William Blackmore Zoning Admin 989-654-4050
Mary B. Wojtowicz Assessor 989-846-9658 (home)
989-846-6463 (fax)
At the Township Hall by appointment
Scott Adams Fire Chief 989-654-2444 (Fire Hall - Non-emergency)
989-654-3118 (home)